Quality Ingredients

From our aged italian Parmigiano Reggiano and Jack cheeses to our dolphin safe solid white Albacore tuna we strive to use high quality ingredients throughout our menu.  Below are some highlights.


Red Bird brand Chicken

All Natural chicken breast that is fresh (never frozen or "deep chilled") makes for tender and moist chicken dishes.  For more information, visit www.redbirdchicken.com.



We use only all natural eggs from free-range vegetarian hens at the B Line.  The yolks are bright yellow and the flavor comes through in everything from our scrambled eggs to our fresh pastries.


Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Exo Roast Co. supplies us with our coffee. Locally roasted at Time Market on 3rd and University, these high quality beans are brewed into some of the tastiest coffee around.


Iced Teas

Our iced teas are provided by the wonderful people in Aravaca at Gadsden Coffee.   www.gadsdencoffee.com.


Homemade and Fresh

Our pastries, cakes and pies are made from scratch in our bakery.  All of our salsa, sauces, dressings and soups are made in house from our own recipes.  Fresh ingredients like vine ripened tomatoes and Hatch green chile roasted in house daily set our food apart from the rest.