Home made from scratch with the best ingredients. 

Real vanilla, Belgian chocolate, real butter, all natural cage free eggs and other premium 

fixings combine with the magic of Terri La Chance, our renowned pastry chef.

You can taste the love!




                   $1.95 & up

     B Line Flats chocolate chip cookies with a crisp edge and a softer center

     Flourless Chocolate Pecan rich and delicious

     Peanut Butter soft and chewy

Pies made daily, served warm or chilled, home made whipped cream available


     Four-Berry Pie blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry

     Peach Pie with just a hint of cinnamon

     Blueberry Pie an American favorite

     Raspberry Rhubarb Pie the flavor your remember with a twist



     Tiramisu made with our own espresso


     German Chocolate Cake three layers of delicious coconut & chocolate


Other Treats

               $1.95 & up

     Brownies better than a brownie should be


     Chocolate Dipped Strawberries fresh berries smothered in dark and white Belgian chocolate


     Pot de Creme rich thick chocolate to satisfy your craving


     Ice Cream home made semifreddo style ice cream by the slice!



Coconut Cake topped with white icing and coconut flakes


Raspberry-Topped Cheesecake creamy and tangy


Citrus Cheesecake also creamy and tangy


Banana Creme Pie with a chocolate layer between the crust & the banana


Key Lime Pie creamy and tangy


Other cakes, cookies and pies as made by our pastry chef